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Inspire Children The Old Fashioned Way

Children these days are a handful to handle. Most parents limit their families to one child because they are exhausted with the antics of one child and they can’t imagine themselves trying to handle two people like that. They can’t imagine themselves running behind two kids and handling all the work that comes with having to look after two kids. But have we stopped to think of how parents in the past managed to raise a herd of kids and have such big families. Was it that they had something we don’t, were they much stronger than us or were we just better behaved? Well I guess the answer to all those questions would be a yes. But there is no one to blame for this state of affairs other than ourselves.

Why have we reached this position?

The main reason most parents find themselves in such a tough position is because they have gone wrong somewhere with their parenting compared to the way they were brought up by their parents. And the main reason for this being lack of quality time spent with their kids. Not knowing what their kids are thinking and doing with the time on their hands. For some parents it’s a tough decision because despite the fact that they want to spend time with the kids they are compelled to go to work in order to put food on the table with the sky high living expenses. So they are forced to stay away from the kid. But there are some parents even though they have the time to spend with the kids prefer to do something else during this time. They think spending time with their kids only includes the time when they take their kids out to shop for clothes or take them to buy toys like a darts for sale in Singapore.    

They don’t know what their kids are up to at other times. They don’t even know if they have come back home from school or not. So how else do you expect the children to grow up when there is no one to guide them and teach them the right thing? Parents nowadays think being able to provide everything the child demands is good parenting and they think they are spending time productively when they are scrolling the various internet sites looking for educational things to buy for their kids like dartboard and darts for sale online. Know more about buy darts accessories. What they fail to realize is that their kids would have loved it if their parents had come and spent that time talking with them asking them how their day went.