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Finding The Right Storage Expansion Plan

When you are producing certain products, you need a large space to store them, obviously. Because you cannot sell them or send them to market as soon as they are produced. That is why having a comprehensive and high end storage facility is vital. Most companies and industries hire professional service providers to get their existing stores expanded. Also, it is common to see most businesses are building new facilities for storage purpose. But having a large and spacious building alone will not guarantee a good storage facility. There are heaps of things to consider before expanding your storage space. Also, there are dozens of professional service providers who can help you to have the perfect storage facility.First of all, you have to focus on your needs.

There can be different and various expansion plans but not all of them will suit your needs. Make a list of your requirements and carry out a little research on your own. You will understand what is best for you when you are doing a research. Frankly, there is no point trying to expand your existing storage facility without even knowing the use of new pallet racking Sydney and other types of storages. Once you are familiar with the jargon and the popular types of storage expansions, you can move on to finding a good service provider.There are dozens of good companies that can help you, as mentioned earlier. But you have to make sure that they are reliable and well experienced. If you hire a company that is not experienced enough to handle your project, you will end up wasting a lot of money. These projects are not cheap, of course. That is why hiring a good and a well reputed company or a service provider is vital.

If you cannot find a good service, you can ask your friends or colleagues for their help.

Finding referrals is the best way to find perfect service providers. Ask your friends, neighbors or colleagues for recommendations. If they have hired a company previously for cantilever racking or any other storage organizing services, they will be more than happy to recommend that company. Make sure to talk to the company before you hire them. a good, long conversation will reveal the true colors of service providers and you have to be able to trust them before hiring them.Price of the project is another important thing that you should ask from service providers before hiring them. usually these processes have a standard range of fees but that might vary depending on your requirements. Do not hesitate to talk about estimated budget and cost details before hiring.

Boosting Productivity In The Workplace

If you are an old fashioned company, then your mantra is probably, ‘drill them till they can do it in their sleep.’ This worked great back when people cared only about making money; now that job satisfaction ranks high on the list of reasons to stay in a job, you need to put more thought and effort into your workplace if you are to increase productivity. Here are some main reasons why productivity is low and what you can do to change that:

There’s No Value

Many employees feel that there is no value in what they do because their bosses simply expect them to perform over and above their job description – as part of the job. Modern day employees do not work that way. They need a lot of encouragement, a lot of praise and they need to see some real-life value to them achieving goals and making their quotas every week or month. Many companies dispense with employee incentives thinking they are just emotional hand-holding for immature toddlers, unfortunately those ‘toddlers’ will comprise 80% of workforce soon so if you are not prepared to offer them, you will soon see productivity reach record lows.Instead, think of simple things you can afford to give your employees, if cash bonuses are a problem. Paid time off is an excellent way to motivate employees. If they punch through the quota in record time, they earn a day off close to the weekend. If they meet their quota, they can go home early on a Friday, with a full day’s pay. Simple yet meaningful corporate rewards programs will increase productivity as you watch.

There’s No Fun

There’s plenty of research that proves a stressful workplace never produced good results. Yes, there are deadlines, angry customers and clients and employees that slack off, but creating stress by yelling at someone or venting your own frustration on someone else is counter-productive. Unfortunately, many offices are designed in such a way that it inherently creates stress: employees are isolated behind partitions erected in the name of “privacy”; walls are painted white to maximize light, also creating an uncomfortable glare; lunch and relaxation is limited to 30 minutes, if available at all; socializing is discouraged unless closely regulated or monitored (think mixers and cocktail parties) etc. Instead, remove or lower partitions between employees and encourage everyone to socialize and build friendships. Play music over the PA system or let employees listen to their own music via headphones. Tell them to decorate their cubicles any way they want and don’t put time limits on breaks unless you feel someone is misusing their time and slacking off. In that case, address the problem individually and don’t punish everyone for something one person did. The more fun a workplace is, the more willing employees will be to put in overtime and boost productivity.

So if you are experiencing low productivity, retire the stick and carrot and start changing the workplace environment to cater to the needs of your employees. Remember, take care of your workers and they’ll take care of the business.