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Boosting Productivity In The Workplace

If you are an old fashioned company, then your mantra is probably, ‘drill them till they can do it in their sleep.’ This worked great back when people cared only about making money; now that job satisfaction ranks high on the list of reasons to stay in a job, you need to put more thought and effort into your workplace if you are to increase productivity. Here are some main reasons why productivity is low and what you can do to change that:

There’s No Value

Many employees feel that there is no value in what they do because their bosses simply expect them to perform over and above their job description – as part of the job. Modern day employees do not work that way. They need a lot of encouragement, a lot of praise and they need to see some real-life value to them achieving goals and making their quotas every week or month. Many companies dispense with employee incentives thinking they are just emotional hand-holding for immature toddlers, unfortunately those ‘toddlers’ will comprise 80% of workforce soon so if you are not prepared to offer them, you will soon see productivity reach record lows.Instead, think of simple things you can afford to give your employees, if cash bonuses are a problem. Paid time off is an excellent way to motivate employees. If they punch through the quota in record time, they earn a day off close to the weekend. If they meet their quota, they can go home early on a Friday, with a full day’s pay. Simple yet meaningful corporate rewards programs will increase productivity as you watch.

There’s No Fun

There’s plenty of research that proves a stressful workplace never produced good results. Yes, there are deadlines, angry customers and clients and employees that slack off, but creating stress by yelling at someone or venting your own frustration on someone else is counter-productive. Unfortunately, many offices are designed in such a way that it inherently creates stress: employees are isolated behind partitions erected in the name of “privacy”; walls are painted white to maximize light, also creating an uncomfortable glare; lunch and relaxation is limited to 30 minutes, if available at all; socializing is discouraged unless closely regulated or monitored (think mixers and cocktail parties) etc. Instead, remove or lower partitions between employees and encourage everyone to socialize and build friendships. Play music over the PA system or let employees listen to their own music via headphones. Tell them to decorate their cubicles any way they want and don’t put time limits on breaks unless you feel someone is misusing their time and slacking off. In that case, address the problem individually and don’t punish everyone for something one person did. The more fun a workplace is, the more willing employees will be to put in overtime and boost productivity.

So if you are experiencing low productivity, retire the stick and carrot and start changing the workplace environment to cater to the needs of your employees. Remember, take care of your workers and they’ll take care of the business.

How To Keep Your School Safe / Lock Box Clean And Organized?

Middle school students and high school students, especially in Europe, sometimes in other parts of the world as well, have grown up with the concept of using a safe or a lock box in school. This is a strictly followed concept in most schools in such areas. Such safes, especially ones in schools, manage to keep children organized because they do not have to take home their school things every day and haul them back to school the next day. This also means they will usually have all books and other necessary things they need for their lessons, while taking things home might make you forget them the next day. However, something we all know is that students are extremely messy no matter how easy it is made for them. It does not take much for them to get everything messed up and this applies for their safes as well. So if you too have a messy safe or lock box, here is how to prevent it from happening again.highschool lockersSchedule a time to cleanIt is not a hard thing to clean your lockers, in fact, it might only take an hour or two most. So try to keep some time aside from your week to empty out your safe and just clean it. You do not even have to empty it all out, you can simply get rid of the junk that accumulates during your week and throw it out. Doing this on the last day you have school might be helpful!Divide it and organizeSomething that a lot of students do with their high school lockers is dumping everything inside without thinking about the consequences. Books, gym outfit, shoes and other equipment they bring to school are all in one pile in their safe. Doing this is only going to make your safe one of the messiest places in school, when it is supposed to be otherwise! So try to get some mini shelves fixed in there and keep it saved for your books, Maybe a corner reserved for your gym shoes and some coat hangers for your outfits would make it easier for you as well.

Do not hoard

Some students are known to be extreme hoarders and they end up hoarding everything in their safe. Bills, makeup, extra activity equipment and even food! Even though you are safe / lock box is supposed to be for you to store things, do not store anything apart from what should be kept there. If you end up hoarding things, your safe will always be messy.

Inspire Children The Old Fashioned Way

Children these days are a handful to handle. Most parents limit their families to one child because they are exhausted with the antics of one child and they can’t imagine themselves trying to handle two people like that. They can’t imagine themselves running behind two kids and handling all the work that comes with having to look after two kids. But have we stopped to think of how parents in the past managed to raise a herd of kids and have such big families. Was it that they had something we don’t, were they much stronger than us or were we just better behaved? Well I guess the answer to all those questions would be a yes. But there is no one to blame for this state of affairs other than ourselves.

Why have we reached this position?

The main reason most parents find themselves in such a tough position is because they have gone wrong somewhere with their parenting compared to the way they were brought up by their parents. And the main reason for this being lack of quality time spent with their kids. Not knowing what their kids are thinking and doing with the time on their hands. For some parents it’s a tough decision because despite the fact that they want to spend time with the kids they are compelled to go to work in order to put food on the table with the sky high living expenses. So they are forced to stay away from the kid. But there are some parents even though they have the time to spend with the kids prefer to do something else during this time. They think spending time with their kids only includes the time when they take their kids out to shop for clothes or take them to buy toys like a darts for sale in Singapore.    

They don’t know what their kids are up to at other times. They don’t even know if they have come back home from school or not. So how else do you expect the children to grow up when there is no one to guide them and teach them the right thing? Parents nowadays think being able to provide everything the child demands is good parenting and they think they are spending time productively when they are scrolling the various internet sites looking for educational things to buy for their kids like dartboard and darts for sale online. Know more about buy darts accessories. What they fail to realize is that their kids would have loved it if their parents had come and spent that time talking with them asking them how their day went.